Faded Threads, A Pathway to America (Excerpts from the upcoming book)

Alienable After All (Washington, DC, and the 17th Cty colony of New Amsterdam, 8/30/2008)

The Republic and The People (Does the republic's conduct of elections serve its people?, 10/30/2008)

The Bottom of the Republican Barrel (Can the Genie be put back?, 11/6/2008)

Political System Suffers from Bipolar Disorder (A diagnosis, 11/11/2008)

Rockingham Anecdotes

Encounters during the Obama campaign in October and November of 2008 in Rockingham County, Virginia

Mary, Cancer Survivor (10/18/2008)

A Hog to the Rescue (10/19/2008)

The Invisible Woman (10/20/2008)

Rosa the Immigrant (10/20/2008)

Larry the Hater (10/22/2008)

Alisha, Mother of Four (11/1/2008)

Janet the Narcoleptic (11/2/2008)

George the Marine (11/9/2008)